Udaipur- City of lakes

 Udaipur is known as the City of Lakes is an amezing place to be. While I am writing this, feeling very excited but nervous at the same time. Every first time makes you feel like this.

So I want to start this journey with something which makes me so happy. Traveling!

It was my family trip to Udaipur last year. actually, I had been there last year for two times and the main reason as to go there is to darshan our god Eklingji and goddess Katyayani, my family is very devotional. there is a place called Eklingji near Udaipur so We went there .and If we were passing through Udaipur How we left without Exploring such a wonderful city.

Udaipur , the city of lakes.there were 7-8 lakes in the city and all are interconnected with one another.and we had boat ride in one of them and that was fun.while having boat ride we saw lake palace situated in middle of lake, actually it is 5 star hotel, place where many Bollywood Movies are filmed, VIP weddings, and reception.we also explored another palace from there.

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Another Destination is Heart of Udaipur’ City palace’ and believe me guys it is so gorgeous. I could not take my eyes off from it.

City palace is a huge monument having many gateways, mahal,chok within it but an only museum, crystal gallery is allowed to visit people.rush in a palace is horrible.




Mor Chock




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Sahelio ki bari

After done with city palace museum we headed into saheliyo ki bari .this place has fountains everywhere and amazing thing we came to know from guide over there is fountain gets on off automatically when we clap but didn’t work out for me. I think they might have defected over time.






Vintage Car Museum.

Next Destination is vintage car museum.unfortunately, we didn’t go there.but if you are obsessed with vintage cars you should have to go there.



Maharana Pratap museum

Maharana Pratap museum is not in Udaipur but near from it in haldighati and you must have to visit it.This place is an important part of Mewar history.the museum would take you through the whole history of Mewar from beginning to end and mainly focused on Maharana Pratap, obviously.

He was brave and great legend maharana who always loved his people immensely.


Chetak Samadhi

Chetak is a beloved and brave horse of maharana Pratap.he died while saving maharana’s life.that’s why maharana made a monument for his chetak where he fell and died.


Hope You like this Post.

❤️Have a great Time,


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